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Here is a brief summary of the Latest News:

  • So much to write up! No fewer than 6 tours and research trips to the battlefield in 2016, many already under the belt in 2017 and the discovery of more ground-breaking Mercer research. A talk at The East India Club in November 2017.


  • The Waterloo Association has kindly published four of our articles during 2016 and 2017, featuring the intriguing history and evolution of some of the most famous buildings in Belgium. La Belle Alliance, A History in Postcards is here. Hougoumont, A History in Postcards is here. The Lion Hamlet, A History in Postcards is hereThe Brussels Road is here.

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  • A December 2016 trip to Ghent followed in the footsteps of Mercer and inspired this article, here.


  • Mercer’s Journal stands the test of time as a Travel Guide. Follow in his footsteps by staying in the same hotel, and visiting the same sights in Bruges, read here.


  • A guest blog by Paul Seaton on the remarkable story of the three Almeys from Almeys Lane who served in G Troop at Waterloo, read here.

Earl Shilton's new Waterloo monument

  • We’ve added a Waterloo 200 pictorial page here and a re-enactment photo page here.


  • The 18th June commemorative service beside Mercer’s Graveside. Read more here.


  • The newly discovered Mercer portrait. Read more here.

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  • Prince Charles and the Duke of Wellington visit Mercer’s G Troop RHA stone on the battlefield, 17th June 1815:

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  • A real find! Original plans for a huge pyramid commemorating the deeds of the allied armies at Waterloo, and there is a genuine Mercer link! Read more here.


  • You’ve missed our first event, but please contact us if you have a group who would be interested in receiving a presentation:

ECS Poster

  • Which Waterloo Book to choose? My personal guide is here.

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  • A reveal of fresh research into one of Mercer’s stopping points in the run-up to Waterloo. Read more here.
This fine building is in his Journal, but where is it?
  • The Waterloo200 Descendants Book entry. Read more here:
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  • A book on Mercer’s paintings. Buy it here.
Only available in the UK through this website
  • The Grave Restoration project is looking beautiful! Read more here.
Looking better than he’s looked for almost 150 years
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