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You can support the Mercer Grave Restoration Project. Here’s how:

1) Buy the book of Mercer’s paintings. See here and below.


2) Buy the poem on the 27th Inniskillings by Exeter author Gordon Read. See here and below.

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3) Spread the word and subscribe for updates. Tell your fellow Napoleonic enthusiasts, follow us on Twitter and encourage people to visit this site. Future updates will be provided through the Campaigns & Culture News Club. 

4) Invite us to talk to your group to help raise funds. Contact us here.

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Thank-you. Your support is enormously appreciated.

G Troop RHA Book Order Form

Please send me: copies of "Halifax in Watercolour. The Paintings of Alexander Cavalié Mercer 1838-1842, by Glenn Devanney" at £20 each (UK postage included). Profit of £10 per sale to be donated to the Mercer Grave Restoration project.

Please send me: copies of "The Way of War in the Search For Peace, the 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment at Waterloo, a poem by Gordon Read" at £5 each (UK postage included). £5 per sale to be donated to the Mercer Grave Restoration project.

Method of payment (tick as appropriate

I am enclosing a cheque to the value of made payable to "G Troop RHA" and posted to G Troop RHA, Hamilton House, 9 Old Rydon Ley, Exeter EX2 7UA. (Please print and send with your payment).

I am paying the following amount via Paypal . Payment made by Paypal to (please use your surname as a reference) or use the drop-down below to pay directly online.

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