Robert Pocock

Who is behind the website?

Robert is an award-winning business economist, business troubleshooter and Director of a number of regional and international companies, who has lived and worked in Exeter, Mercer’s home City, for the past 30 years. His blog on the Economic Causes of the French Revolution (comparing the events to the woeful policies of our current political class) beat the FT and New York Times to top spot. He can be found on campaign himself sharing witticisms and wine as a Director, Founder and Guide of Campaigns & Culture.

The famous La Haye Sainte

His enormous collection of books and maps supports his extensive original research into the lives of Mercer and the men of Waterloo, foraging in archives across the the UK and Belgium, walking the fields and forgotten tracks, and establishing fresh interpretations of what truly happened on those fateful days.

Waterloo 003
Towards La Belle Alliance on a wet day!

One of the joys of any interest is the ability to share research and interpretations with others, and it is a privilege to enjoy the friendship, enthusiasm and encouragement of other Waterloo aficionados. Robert’s knowledge of Waterloo is now supporting authors and enthusiasts in uncovering hitherto unknown aspects of the battle, helping to overturn a number of myths and misunderstandings, and to celebrate the lives of those who served.

You can join me on tour at Waterloo and other historic and cultural sites with Campaigns & Culture.

Above all, my thanks to the Royal Artillery Historical Trust and to fellow enthusiasts who make learning both possible and fun.

If you’d like to tap into this enthusiasm, for editorial, research, writing, talks, tours and more besides, do get in touch here.