Mercer Memorial

Cavalié Mercer has a memorial, the wonderful stone commemorating G Troop RHA on the Waterloo battlefield, today the focus for so many photographs. We also have his grave in Exeter, which before we got involved was in a really sad state.

The Mercer Grave Restoration project is the start of creating a Legacy to stand for the next 100 years, by restoring the grave, erecting a nearby information sign, then achieving a fund to care for his grave for the next 100 years.

Jake, Matt & Gary (the men who did the heavy lifting) beside Mercer’s newly restored grave on 10th June 2015

But even more than that, our Mercer Memorial is intended to be a legacy, focused around the forthcoming book on his life and the Mercer Grave Restoration project.

If we can build upon and sustain the knowledge of Mercer’s fascinating life and achievements, whilst getting to the truth on some of the myths and controversies that have grown up around him, then we will create a legacy fit to stand for another 100 years.

In doing so we can also progress our understanding of the Royal Horse Artillery at Waterloo, and the lives of the men in those dramatic times.

Right now, you can get involved here, read more about the Mercer Grave Restoration project here, and contribute by purchasing the superb book on Mercer’s watercolours here.