They Died in Square, the 27th Inniskillings at Waterloo

At the centre of Wellington’s line, the 27th Inniskillings performed prodigies of valour in holding their exposed position despite devastating losses. Ever since they have been lauded as one of the greatest examples of regimental motivation and cohesion under fire.

Rushed from Bermuda, the 27th arrived just in time to serve at Waterloo. Of their 730 officers and men they lost 103 killed and 360 wounded, many of whom later died of their wounds. These losses of 63% were the highest of any allied unit.

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In 2005, author Gordon Read, living in Mercer’s home city of Exeter, published his poem “The Way of War in the Search for Peace, the 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment at Waterloo”. The 44 page book was written in memory of a friend who had been British Liaison Officer at the French Military Academies at St Cyr. It provides a graphic account of Life and Death in one of Wellington’s famous Squares.

Delightfully presented, the book is available on this site for just £5 (including UK P&P) compared to its original list price of £7.50!

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Gordon is kindly donating all revenue from his book sales, so the entire £5 goes to the Mercer Grave Restoration Project. You can purchase the book now by completing the form below:

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Please send me: copies of "Halifax in Watercolour. The Paintings of Alexander Cavalié Mercer 1838-1842, by Glenn Devanney" at £20 each (UK postage included). Profit of £10 per sale to be donated to the Mercer Grave Restoration project.

Please send me: copies of "The Way of War in the Search For Peace, the 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment at Waterloo, a poem by Gordon Read" at £5 each (UK postage included). £5 per sale to be donated to the Mercer Grave Restoration project.

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