The Paintings of Alexander Cavalié Mercer 1838-1842

For the first time, a book of Cavalié Mercer’s paintings is available in the UK exclusively though this site, sold in aid of the Mercer Grave Restoration project.

Exclusively available in the UK for the first time!

British Artillery officer Alexander Cavalié Mercer is most famous for his detailed account of his experiences leading up to and including the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Fewer know him as an amateur artist, but Mercer often composed what he called “souvenirs”, paintings and sketches of his postings in Europe and North America. While posted in Halifax, Mercer painted nearly 80 watercolours of the area between 1838 and 1842.

Halifax in Watercolour showcases 50 of Mercer’s best sketches, including paintings of the Citadel, the Commons, Artillery Park, Bedford Basin, Dartmouth, and the Northwest Arm. Additional photographs, maps, and historical context from author Glenn Devanney help the reader situate the site of the painting in the present-day. This is Halifax and history as it was before photographs, a visual treasure trove of the time.

Alexander Cavalié Mercer’s Point Pleasant Battery, Halifax, Aug 6 1842

Most Waterloo afficianados will know of the black and white head portrait of Mercer. In this book Glenn Devanney has uncovered a full-length colour portrait of Mercer. There will be more on that in a future blog, but you can secure your copy in the book!

Reviews of the book include:

“There are only a handful of cities in Canada with a history as rich and deep as that of Halifax. As a key deepwater port for the British Empire, the city was at the heart of many major movements and conflicts.

In Halifax in Watercolour, Glenn Devanney takes readers on a visual journey back to early-to-mid-1800s Halifax as seen through the eyes — and the paintbrush — of watercolourist Alexander Cavalié Mercer. A British artillery officer who fought against Napoleon at Waterloo, Mercer visited Halifax for only a short time, but his output was extremely productive — more than eighty paintings of landscapes, street scenes, and coastal views.

I found this book a revelation. It depicts a historic Halifax that once was, and of which traces can still be seen today.”

— Mark Reid; Canada’s HISTORY Magazine

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