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This site is owned and updated by Robert Pocock, Mercer and Waterloo historian, and the man on the spot who dreamed-up and led the Mercer Grave Restoration Project.

I offer numerous services on the topic of Waterloo, whether they be editorial, research, writing, talks and tours. I am always pleased to hear from like-minded people, and those seeking to share or expand their own knowledge of the events of the time. So please do get in touch.

We did not establish a specific charity for the Mercer Grave Restoration Project, simply because of the substantial red tape compared to the total project cost of £3,814. This total covers the Diocese permissions, the Stonemasons charges and the Information sign. We are working closely with St.David’s Church, Exeter, and encourage any donations to be made directly to them. They can also claim gift-aid back from HMRC on eligible donations so that your money goes further. Donations collected directly by me have been and will continue to be applied in full to meet the direct costs or passed on to the Church, without deduction for any personal expenses or time costs.

Once we hit our target of £3,814, any extra donations will be allocated to the maintenance fund. If this only totals a modest sum then this will be administered as ‘restricted funds’ by the members of the PCC to care for Mercer’s gravesite. If we raise a large sum then we will request that this is allocated to a specific trust with the aim of caring for Mercer’s grave over the next 100 years, and supporting similar local Waterloo projects.

Copyright & Permissions:

  • All photographic images used on this site are my own copyright and are not to be reproduced without prior written permission.
  • Library and Archives Canada for their kind permission to reproduce the newly discovered portrait of Mercer: Watercolour: Portrait of Col. Mercer, January 28, 1828. Source: Library and Archives Canada/James Pattison Cockburn collection/c012624.
  • Mark Churms, whose extraordinary military paintings grace many a regimental mess, another former Exeter lad, whose evocative painting also graces this site: OFFICER R.H.A. WATERLOO 1815 © 1998. All Rights Reserved.
  • Plymouth City Council Arts & Heritage for their kind permission to use Jules Girardet’s image of Napoleon in Plymouth Sound.

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